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Promoting Equality

Torriano is a Gold Rights Respecting school where the rights of all are at the forefront of learning and practice. We are committed to the Equality Act 2010, which is about ensuring inclusion and equality for all, so that no policies or practices result in unfair or less favourable treatment of pupils or adults on the grounds of a protected characteristic. 

Under the Public Sector Equalities Duty, the school must prepare and publish equality objectives, updating these at least once every 4 years. The objectives which we have identified represent our school’s priorities and are the outcome of a careful analysis of data and other evidence. It also takes into account national and local priorities and issues. We review and update our equality objectives every year and report annually to the governing body on progress towards achieving it. Our latest review can be found here:

Equalities Objectives

Torriano is an inclusive school situated in a culturally diverse area, where we focus on the well-being and progress of every child and where all members of our community are of equal worth. We believe every possible effort must be made to ensure that individuals within this school are valued and have the opportunity to develop their full potential within a context of mutual respect, justice and fairness. We have high expectations of all our staff and learners and ensure that they achieve their best, whatever their abilities, disabilities, gifts or talents. We want everyone in the school community to be proud of who and what they are and of their school community.


At Torriano we reject racism and support our community to become more empathetic and resilient through kindness and mutual respect. As a school we continue to learn, innovate and contribute to building an anti-racist community. Talking about racism regularly is the first step towards making a positive social change. We work to implement a highly representative curriculum, celebrating Black British history and all represented groups through high quality texts, resources, lessons and projects. 

Torriano will not tolerate any form of racism and is committed to an anti-racist ethos. Our aim is to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination and to promote equal opportunities and good race relations in all areas of school life. The school anti-racist policy and practice help to identify, challenge and change those attitudes which lead to negative discrimination against people on the basis of their race, colour, nationality, culture, language or religion. 

Our Parent Anti-Racism Working Group meets regularly to explore behaviour and wellbeing at Torriano in the context of anti- racism.

Please see our Anti-racism Policy and Talking About Race document.

Gender Equality

The school actively promotes equality of opportunity between boys and girls, men and women, as an employer, provider of education and provider of services to the community. We work to implement a highly representative curriculum, celebrating the achievements of men and women equally. Through our Lifting Limits programme we encourage boys and girls to participate fully in areas where traditionally they do not always perform well. In 2019 we worked with Lifting Limits, a non-profit organisation who aims to support schools to embed a whole school approach to challenging gender stereotyping and promoting gender equality.

Outcome summary for pupils
“…evidence suggests that pupils have a broader view on the job roles available to both themselves and others which is less influenced by gender stereotypes. This is evident both in reduced levels of job role stereotyping by gender in the surveys as well as in findings showing that pupils perceive a wider range of job roles to be available to them personally. Qualitative and quantitative evidence shows a strong focus on dispelling gender stereotyping in relation to occupations by schools (especially related to science and sports), suggesting a possible relationship between an active approach to challenge gender stereotyping in relation to occupations and a broadening of pupils’ views on what roles are possible for them.”

We were pleased to feature in The Guardian, where our work with Lifting Limits was shared. You can read more about how we identify and challenge gender stereotypes here

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