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Torriano is proud to have received the PSQM Outreach award! We specialise in science teaching and our teachers have expert training. This PSQM award recognises our commitment to an engaging science curriculum, particularly through our outreach to other schools. We have a state of the art, award winning Science Lab and Scientist in Residence from The Crick Institute, which helps to develop strong science capital for all at Torriano and Brecknock. We have a long standing commitment to primary careers education through our commitment to STEAM partnerships. 

What is STEAM?  

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.  It is developed from a conviction that creativity, expressed as the Arts, is vital to STEM.   

Why is STEAM important for Camden?  

Creative, digital and scientific employers are at the heart of Camden’s economy.  Employers frequently describe the need for a talent pipeline where young people have both strong subject knowledge and skills such as collaboration, creativity and problem solving, as well as digital skills.   

What is Camden’s approach to STEAM? 

Camden’s approach to STEAM is characterised by:

  • Young people accessing career opportunities in the creative, digital and scientific industries  
  • An interdisciplinary approach that enables young people to connect their learning in order to problem solve and create solutions to STEAM challenges
  • Employers and educators co-designing curriculum projects that embed career insights and authentic place-based challenges 

Torriano has a long standing commitment to carers education and has been part of the STEAM programme from its inception. Our Executive Headteacher is a STEAM board member and the school is a lead school in the Camden STEAM Hub. The school has many partnerships with universities and business, contributing to curriculum projects in the STEAM disciplines. Our children access diverse role models and expert input from the world of work through curriculum projects. There is a strong emphasis on Science and Technology with our Crick Institute Scientist in Residence, working across the Federation to support children to work scientifically. Our award-winning STEAM Lab is the perfect place for our curious scientists to learn and explore. 

Careers Partnerships include:

Our STEAM learning can be viewed at our STEAM websites:

STEAM 21-22 – Adapt, Repair, Restore

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