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Torriano is delighted to one of the first seven schools in the country to be named an Oracy Center of Excellence, in conjunction with Voice 21.

As a Voice 21 Oracy Centre of Excellence, Torriano will act as a beacon of good practice for oracy across the school system. We will support other schools in developing their students’ oracy skills, showcasing how explicit and purposeful oracy teaching can be so transformational for students’ learning and life chances.

Torriano has been accredited in the context of an increasing focus on oracy within the education sector. Earlier this year, then Schools Minister Robin Walker emphasised the importance of spoken language development in his mission to make England a world-leader in literacy. Polling in 2021 found that two thirds of teachers believe that oracy is now high-priority as schools re-opened after pandemic-induced closures. 

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This accreditation certifies and celebrates schools that are leading the way in providing a high-quality oracy education for their students

We have partnered with Voice 21 to be part of a national drive to promote oracy in schools, and are part of a program where we receive and offer high quality development opportunities to other schools, working through their Stage 3 and accreditation programme to become an Oracy Lead school. We work closely with Camden Learning to develop our expertise, and have been part of leading an oracy hub that conducted research on how social disadvantage can be tackled in schools using oracy. 

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